New Again

by The Press War

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released July 16, 2013

Produced by James Moody
Additional production, mixing, and mastering by Chris Curran
Artwork by Lynn Gvnn



all rights reserved


The Press War Boston, Massachusetts

An American rock band from Boston, MA

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Track Name: Pandering
So this is how it felt when he walked away and fucked some chick and left us all to burn in doubt? And I couldn’t sleep for the one millionth night watched you folding your arms staring straight at the ground said, “it’s better if I let you down.” Letting you down. Letting me down.
Track Name: New Again
I’ll be your sex slave, I’ll be your souvenir. I’ll let you watch me, I hear you loud and clear. I feel it sinking in, I feel the weight of my soul but I keep you breathing by the bedside wondering if I’m lost I’m contemplating years spent caught up in the rush to be like you. Watched you feel it for the first time, made that body all mine never new again. I wonder where you are, lost in my head space along the shooting cars. And when the morning comes, I feel the sun is too bright you watch me as I leave you by the bedside and you wonder all that could have been, and you wonder if I do. I hear the saints sing, I feel a soft sigh. God knows how I try and hell is sweltering.
Track Name: Only You
I wanna catch you. You wanna touch me. I wanna let you tonight. I sit alone and I talk and dream about the love I gave and I gave but it never worked out. And I’m sleeping alone again. Want you and only you. I’m yours always ever more. Won’t let you go no. And when I met you, I felt my heart beat not like it used to but right. Now here we are all alone let’s talk about you’re eyes affixed to my own girl, you wear me out in a good way. The best way you know how.
Track Name: Fault Lines
He’s saying darling just relax oh the stars are telling me you’ve fallen aground. Ignore the bright lights when they flash oh, the will is what you weigh when no one’s around. I don’t believe anymore. And I bet those West coasters made everything right and all the forecasts say, “will sleep well tonight” And I swear I’m done I’ll say it again: I hope those West coasters are treating you right. Decide the best way to attack: Is it mind or body or spirit you lack? And are we not ripe? Too exact? Oh the words will float away or slowly collapse. You stalled made peace with the evidence, left with the soft glow of sex, sin, and bone. And it’s oh, so old.
Track Name: The End of the World Party
I knew it was time I walked in a circle. I felt it was mine oh well, a little hell. I released you from my head, I fought it all the time. I counted sheep till I felt dead, in heart and holy mind. I don’t even care, I don’t need to. Cause I can feel the drugs in my body keeping me awake. I knew it was time I prayed for a better way. But all I could find was life that sailed away. I just need you to know that I tried to say goodbye. Always too late and too short, the time we can’t defy. I’ll close my eyes as if I’m dreaming.