When It All Goes to Hell

by The Press War

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released August 14, 2015

Produced by Steve Aliperta & Chris LaRocque at Kennedy Studios
Track 1 mixed by Steve Aliperta & Chris LaRocque
Tracks 2, 3 mixed by Zack Odom & Kenneth Mount for ZK Productions
Tracks 4, 5 mixed by Jay Maas for Getaway Group
Mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Recording
Artwork by Joel Funk for 36 Vultures



all rights reserved


The Press War Boston, Massachusetts

An American rock band from Boston, MA

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Track Name: Vespertine
Won't you come and knock on the door? And I'll let you in.
Track Name: I'm So Bored With Us
Are you listening?
Been screaming from the tips of my tattered lungs and leaving myself out at your door.
Frustration at five AM when you called I couldn't leave, held on until our lines untethered.
Blame you, you're sorry like everyone. I've been listening, waiting up for.
Never resting and singing like the walls will come crashing down and leading me to our procession.
Conversation: I'm calling to leave and I won't say a word and I won't stay awake.
I remember we conversated hours on nights like these. I woke up and I kissed your arms. I woke up and I kissed you. I remember you standing there. I woke up and you didn't care.
No more listening, waiting up for you.
Go on, go on.
Track Name: Follow Me
So let's be honest and figure it out, longing all the time. And every maybe is more than enough to keep you on my mind. Maybe one more time.
If I couldn't point to one specific moment, would you still believe I'm gasping for air?
And confidently we move to each other and lead you back from him.
And she said baby, you smother your doubt with drink and dine. Divine: the way your words sound when leaving your mouth, the sweetest I can find. Am I on your mind?
The falling and spinning about as the world fades in and then out till the headlights are leading our bones back home.
Come down and stay, it's fine where we lay. I will wait always. And if we should hurt in soil and dirt, I will wait always. Dream of you when the world is over. Dream of you if the world is over, now.
Track Name: Lost Boys
I've fallen down the well, it's broken and I can't fix it again. Amazing to me, we fight and we bleed to feel this way.
I'm fine, overwhelmed. Let's drink till the sun, escape from ourselves. And hands out we lie, eyes fixed to the sky, night haze and be well's.
And we're so frustrated.
God damn these killer kisses, I feign not feel it all. I can't keep fiending after you, it's all but for nothing at all.
Awake to the sound of stirring around, lost boys in the glow. And smoke filled machines hold bodies that mean well, worn in the sun.
If all that we are is love in the end, stardust and dreams.
Track Name: Kill Your (Indie) Darlings
Soft orange glow, do you think that he knows? Upon soft golden, do you want me to go? Build a life, I watched you build a story. Can't think right, I want you watching me.
I went to God, but he had enough, I wanna build you up so much. If it's just you, so what?
Platinum in Spring, but still missing the ring, and we're cool in the night, but lost when we sing. Cross your arms and sit and wait for glory, bliss above awaits for all but me.
Oh heavenly thing, I'm caught in your wings, breathe in and shut out everything. If it's just you, so what?